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Vegedol (Vegemedica)

Vegedol (Vegemedica)

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VEGEDOL® helps maintain joint mobility and muscle dynamism without harming the body.

VEGEDOL® is a food supplement that combines a Harpagophytum extract titled with 20% harpagosides, a Meadowsweet extract, a White Willow extract titled with 15% salicin, a Turmeric extract titled with 95% of curcumin, an extract of black pepper. titrated with 8% piperine and copper.

Harpagophytum is used for the proper functioning of the joints. Supports joint flexibility and helps maintain good mobility. Turmeric, concentrated in curcumin, has been combined to promote joint flexibility.

Meadowsweet and willow relieve muscle and joint discomfort.

Black pepper helps increase the absorption of curcumin. The trace element copper contributes to the maintenance of normal connective tissue and protects cells against oxidative stress.

VEGEDOL® provides a powerful combination of active ingredients that help keep joints and muscles flexible, mobile and healthy without causing any harm to your body.

Its synergistic blend of 20% harpagoside-rich Harpagophytum extract, meadowsweet extract, 15% salicin-rich white willow extract, 95% curcumin-rich turmeric extract, 8% rich black pepper extract in piperine and copper helps promote joint flexibility and mobility. , relieves muscle and joint discomfort, increases the absorbency of curcumin and promotes the normal maintenance of connective tissue and cellular protection against oxidative stress.

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