Dioter Laboratory / Labo Santé Silice

Expert in the extraction of plant and marine products and leading manufacturer of natural health products (French manufacturing).
The key to maintaining good health is to eat a healthy, varied and balanced diet and practice regular physical activity. In line with current lifestyles, natural health products are recognized as a modern and relevant approach.
in the comprehensive management of well-being and health throughout the different periods of life. Laboratoire Dioter has been offering a wide range of food supplements for more than 20 years. Beneficial for health/well-being: Omega3 (Diomega ®),
grapefruit seed extract (original EPP ®), children's range (Original kid ®/certified organic), organic Bach flowers (Auraflor ®), synergy of organic plants, as well as natural products based on organic silicon: food supplements (Silamax ®, Silicuma ®, Silacaps®,
Silortibio ®, Silharpago®/certified organic, Probioniques®) and cosmetics (Silagencyl ®, L2S®, Silachoc®, Silarthrol®, Silajambe®, Silharpagel®/certified organic)

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