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SILAPHARM® PLUS 1L from LABO SANTÉ SILICE is an ideal food supplement to stimulate joint function. Contains 4000 mg/l of organic silicon and bamboo as a natural and plant source of silicon. Use it to improve your joint health and connective tissues.
* Manganese contributes to the maintenance of bones in normal conditions.

Due to its energizing action on the elasticity and tone of the collagen fiber, organic silicon acts very effectively throughout the entire fabric of the human organism. True “locomotor molecule” reinforces the beneficial effects of the combined products:
≈ Glucosamine (sulfate) is beneficial for joints. It is manufactured by the body from glucose and an amino acid. If, due to a metabolic deficiency aggravated by the aging process, the body does not produce the necessary amount of glucosamine, cartilage degenerates and osteoarthritis may appear. Glucosamine is used to keep joints flexible, it is effective in joint inflammation and mobility problems. Relieves inflammatory pain.
≈ Chondroitin (sulfate) promotes the synthesis and maintenance of cartilage tissues, fights against cartilage degradation, reduces inflammation of the synovium within the joints and improves joint mobility.
≈ Manganese (sulfate) contributes to the normal formation of connective tissue (present at cartilage and bone). Participates in the maintenance of bones in normal conditions.

INGREDIENTS: Demineralized water, glycerin, glucosamine sulfate 2 KCI** (crustaceans), bamboo exudate (Bambusa arundinacea) valued in silicon, chondroitin sulfate** (fish cartilage), vanilla extract, acidifier: citric acid, preservative: sorbate potassium, manganese sulfate.
**Contains fish, crustaceans and mollusks. Not recommended for people allergic to fish, crustaceans and mollusks.

Sweet vanilla flavor

Recommended Daily Intake: 2 measuring caps per day before meals.

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION: 2 doses/20 ml of SILAPHARM®+ provide 160 mg of element Silicon, 708 mg of glucosamine, 400 mg of chondroitin and 3.22 mg of manganese (i.e. 161% NRV).
NRV: Nutrient Reference Values

Not recommended for children, adolescents and pregnant or breastfeeding women
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