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OXYPROLANE DERMIC (BIO-RECHERCHE) Proven effects on the healing process and anti-aging effectiveness for visibly firmer, toned and better hydrated skin.

OXYPROLANE DERMIC (BIO-RECHERCHE) Proven effects on the healing process and anti-aging effectiveness for visibly firmer, toned and better hydrated skin.

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Oxyprolane Dermal – 60 capsules

Oxyprolane Dermic is a food supplement that has been the subject of clinical studies and is intended to stimulate the synthesis of collagen, the main support for skin tone and firmness, and which plays an essential role in the healing process.

By providing the collagen precursors necessary for epidermal renewal, Oxyprolane Dermic helps stimulate the synthesis of collagen , as well as hyaluronic acid and elastin. The results are there in less than a month: the skin is more toned, firmer and regains its luminosity.

Oxyprolane Dermic is prescribed by dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons for its anti-aging and healing effectiveness.

Properties of dermal oxyprolane

With age, from the age of 35, the synthesis of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin decreases. This reduction is the cause of the loss of elasticity, tone and firmness of the skin, which becomes thinner and wrinkles. OXYPROLANE DERMIC, by providing collagen precursors, returns density and luminosity to your skin from the third week.

OXYPROLANE DERMIC arises from research into tissue healing and regeneration processes. This product is composed of low molecular weight micropeptides resulting from the partial hydrolysis of fish proteins from cold, deep seas, free of contamination. These micropeptides guarantee an optimal state of protein precursors and stimulate collagen synthesis.
A clinical study on a cultured skin explant showed that OXYPROLANE DERMIC increases collagen synthesis by 30% in 3 days .

How to use Oxyprolane Dermic

The use of OXYPROLANE DERMIC is indicated in:
• Sagging skin
• Reduction in skin tone and firmness
• Post-surgical scarring (hypertrophic scars).
The speed of action of OXYPROLANE DERMIC demonstrated during the clinical study is confirmed in daily practice where the effects on the quality of the skin are visible after 15 days.

How to use :

  • Anti-aging: 2 capsules every morning, at breakfast for three months, renewable.
  • Healing: 2 capsules in the morning, at breakfast for 2 to 3 months, starting if possible a week before the procedure.

Composition of Oxyprolane Dermal

Hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides, Fish oil dosed with docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), Krill Oil, Algae powder rich in astaxanthin, Natural tocopherol concentrate.
Excipients: wheat germ oil, soy lecithin.
Sachet: Fish gelatin, vegetable glycerin, shellac

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