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OXYPROLANE HAIR AND NAILS (BIO-RECHERCHE) beautiful nails and hair – 90 capsules

OXYPROLANE HAIR AND NAILS (BIO-RECHERCHE) beautiful nails and hair – 90 capsules

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Find beautiful nails and hair thanks to Oxyprolane Hair and Nails. A cycle of 90 capsules for quickly visible results!

Properties of Oxyprolane Hair and Nails
OXYPROLANE HAIR & NAILS is a food supplement that promotes the growth, vitality and beauty of hair and nails. Thanks to its complete formula rich in hyaluronic acid, cereal ceramides, glucosamine, vitamins and minerals, it allows the repair of dry, brittle hair weakened by aggressive treatments.

His actions
Nourishes the hair follicle from the inside

Strengthens the keratinous fibers of the cortex

It stimulates hair growth

Makes nails stronger and harder

Stop splitting and breaking

The formula
wheat grain extract
pomegranate juice extract
Hyaluronic acid
Vitamin B8, B6, B5, B3, E
Zinc, Iron, Copper,
Plant Based Wrap
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