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NeoSelen Protec (Bio-Recherche)

NeoSelen Protec (Bio-Recherche)

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NeoSelen Protec combines vitamin D and A, which have a role in cell division and promote normal immune functions. Vitamin C, E and selenium help protect cells from oxidative damage. Vitamin D is also essential for bone health in places where there is not enough sun. An antioxidant remedy that increases bone resistance. Composition of NeoSelen Protec.

Acerola extract: 42 mg, including vitamin C: 7 mg, ascorbic acid (vitamin C): 89 mg, tocopherol (vitamin E): 14 mg, vitamin A: 800 mcg, vitamin D: 6 mcg, brewer's yeast which selenium
: 50 mcg

Box of 90 capsules – 1 capsule per day for at least 3 months

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