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Mikado Gummies 100ml (ambibay)

Mikado Gummies 100ml (ambibay)

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Experience the exquisite elegance and sophistication with our Mikado Gummies fragrance diffuser, a true delight for your senses and the ideal complement to beautify any environment.

Our Mikado is distinguished by its exceptional design, incorporating high-quality rattan rods that are impregnated with the fragrance and gently release it into the environment for weeks. Forget lighting candles or connecting complicated devices; This air freshener is synonymous with simplicity and durability.

Each Mikado set includes a 100 ml glass bottle with a concentrated fragrance that will give you up to 8 weeks of a continuous and enveloping aroma.

Transform your home into a place of peace and serenity with our Mikado Air Freshener. Let yourself be carried away by an experience that will stimulate your senses and highlight the beauty of your surroundings.

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