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Cellulit Combat- Nirvana Spa - Reduces and Firms

Cellulit Combat- Nirvana Spa - Reduces and Firms

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Skin care effect

Celulit Combat is a body treatment that fights localized fat, reduces body contour, remodels and improves silhouette.

It is composed of Body Cream Sculptor that attenuates the orange peel, increasing its elasticity and firmness, its action is reinforced with the extract of the carnivorous plant Drosera ramentacea; and Body Oil Reaffirms that thanks to the combination of Vegetable Oils and Essential Oils, the condition of the skin improves.

Transform your body the way you have always wanted with Celulit Combat-Nirvana Spa. Formulated with Body Cream Sculptor and Body Oil Reafirm, this body treatment combats localized fat, reduces contour and improves skin elasticity and firmness.

Moisturize and nourish your skin with the highest quality vegetable and essential oils. Show off a sculpted and firm silhouette with Celulit Combat!

  • PRESENTATION: Body Cream Sculptor 200 ml + Body Oil Reaffirm 125 ml
  • BODY CREAM SCULPTOR INGREDIENTS: Adipo Trap, Fucus and Laminaria Algae, Caffeine, Horsetail
  • BODY OIL REAFIRM INGREDIENTS: Vegetable Oils, Essential Oils
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE CREAM SCULTOR: Apply to the desired area (abdomen, hips and buttocks) in the morning and at night, massaging in a circular and ascending direction until completely absorbed.
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE BODY OIL REAFIRM: Mainly at night, after applying Body Cream Sculptor with a gentle massage until completely absorbed.

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